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Sugar Pine Affordable Housing Project @ the Y

The Sugar Pine Village in South Lake Tahoe is a new residential, mixed-use affordable community located in South Lake Tahoe just past the Y intersection. The State of California has selected Related California and the Saint Joseph Community Land Trust team to develop the Sugar Pine Village project at the “Y” under Governor Newsom’s Executive Order promoting affordable housing development. The Sugar Pine Village consists of 248 units of a multi-phase workforce affordable housing project. It is located between Tata Ln. and Julie Ln. right off of Lake Tahoe Blvd. The land being built on is the formerly owned California Tahoe Conservancy Land.

The City of South Lake Tahoe was awarded over $17million specifically for the Sugar Pine Village project. The grant is a very critical piece of funding and will provide the essential financing. The City hopes to break ground in 2022 or 2023 on the first phase. Full financing is not yet complete and they are still searching for more grants and funding for the project. The final construction cost is unknown due to many factors at this time.

The units will be available to households who earn between 30-80% of the area media income. Although it is already grant deeded for income, actual rent amounts are unknown at this time.

To learn more about this project - see THIS ARTICLE in the South Tahoe Now.

More City projects can be found on the CITY WEBSITE.

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